Less Than...

By Lincoln Ho

What could I do that is important?
I have no purpose to be alive.
I am just a grain of sand
On a sandy beach.

Nothing good will happen to me!
I mean my dreams,
They're just a bunch of crap
To the real world.

I have no value.
I'm worth nothing.
How much would I be
Worth if I was dead?

What's my merit?
I mean spending my time
Doing something useful
Would be just forgotten about.

I don't do anything right!
People just think I'm a pest.
I cause nothing to change.
I just make things worse.

My life is just shattered,
I live in a dump.
I just feel like a bug
Waiting to be swapped.

I'm just useless and vain,
Worthless and ineffective.
The feeling of being isolated
Is just, just...
Too hard to explain.


Lincoln Ho
February 6, 1997

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