By Josh Westbrook

Sometimes I understand you more
than I understand myself
I know too, that we will drift apart
someday . . .
You will find that special someone
that sweet, innocent, feminine, creature
you always wanted . . .
And then I will be alone
I'll have to stand back and
watch you hold her like you
used to hold me . . .
And watch your lips press against hers
when their fire used to belong to me . . .
I know I will never forget
the nights when you held me
and stopped my tears
when you kissed me
softly in the dark when I felt
that I didn't deserve to be touched
I won't forget how comforting it was
to curl up with you
and have your arms around me
but now that privilege is hers
and I am alone again . . .
But that is the way things have to be
It is what you really want
and I want you to be happy
I can be alone and watch from the outside
all of the happiness you have found
It's no big deal . . .
I've done it before . . .
But when I did it before
I had never felt your lips brushing against mine
I had never felt truly loved
and now I have to give that up
because you don't want me anymore
and I'm sad because I completely understand
why we must part
I was a fool to think it would last
I was a fool to think you would settle for me
and I was a fool to think we would always be together . . .
I was a fool in love
a fool in love for the first time . . .
first loves always end
and they always cause the most pain
but I will never forget you
or the bliss that we shared
because you were my first love
and the first person who made me feel like I mattered . . .
and I will never forget you . . .
even though you have already forgotten me . . .



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