April 1998

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself since this will be my debut column. I am currently 16, but I will be 17 by the time this comes around. (My birthday is on the 3rd of this month... What a time to start writing for Oasis huh?) Well, I'm a natural talent when it comes to the arts; drawing, music, making up or writing stories, etc. And I apologize if I seem to be bragging on this first column. Since I don't have a picture to include with this, I guess I'll have to describe myself to you... I'm pretty lean and I'm about 5'10". I have medium length hair, (a dark brown color), and brown eyes. And that's about all I can describe. I like to do pretty much anything and everything that I'm not limited to, (limited as in I *must* do it by a certain time or I'm *supposed* to do it). I prefer to pretty much freelance the stuff I do. And well, enough about me, now on to my debut column.

* * *

As I look around me, I can't seem to comprehend all of the homophobic attitudes of the people in my area in general. Disillusionment covers me as I can't seem to see why there would be a reason to fear the gay community. As expressed by one acquaintance, he fears of being hit on by a gay guy. As expressed by someone else, they don't fear a citizen of the gay community, they just don't like a gay person because of their difference. And my comprehension of how most people feel about the subject, those are the only two reasons they can give. Fearing homosexuals because they might hit on you, honestly, in my opinion is pathetic. What is there to fear if you actually are hit on by a gay person? Does it harm you physically? The only result that would most likely come from this would be being teased by others. But one must ask himself "How often does this actually happen?" As far as I've known, not at all, (but this is only from my point of view whereas it may be different elsewhere).

Those of whom who have never met a gay person fears it. But honestly now, what is there to fear when they haven't even encountered any part of homosexuality other than hearing of it? But then there are those who know people from the gay community and believe they have reason to fear being hit on. If that's the case, how often do they actually hang around the homosexual to allow it to happen?

If a straight guy is hit on by a gay guy, is it offensive? Why wouldn't that person be able to view it as a complement, that he may be good looking? Or is it only a complement if it comes from a girl? Either way, despite who is doing the "hitting", it obviously says that they are attractive.

As for my next point of view; disliking another person for being "different" is, in my opinion, one of the most ludicrous attitudes there is. Difference is everywhere and unavoidable. There is no possible way that you can dislike difference if you have never embraced it. To fear diversity is understandable. Most people fear the unknown anyhow; but to cast judgment on that which you've never known or dared to understand, is to show great ignorance.

Is there any real reason for being homophobic? I think not.

* * *

Well, that's what I had to say. Let me know what you think because I'm working on my writing skills. I'd appreciate any feedback I can get so feel free to e-mail me at bernardw@juno.com.



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