April 1998

Well since I am inexperienced in my sixteen years, I am running out of things to talk about. The only thing that comes to my mind right now is what happened a couple of weeks ago. I went with my school to a Latin Convention up in Palo Alto. Anyone else go? Well anyway, it was a pretty cool trip.

We left from school an hour before school got out; I got out of Religion Class, so it was getting off to a good start. The Latin club had rented two plush vans for us to go up in. But, we had some problems with the sitting arrangements in the beginning, since the Catapult and Chariot that we were taking took up three seats. One of the other student's dad offered to take the catapult and chariot up in his car, so that problem was solved. I got to be in the van with my Latin teacher, as opposed to the school's Spanish teacher. Not like I don't like her, it is just that it is a Latin Convention, and I think I should be with my Latin teacher.

A funny thing about the way. There wasn't a seatbelt in my seat, so after complaining to her, my Latin teacher left hers undone too. I thought it was pretty nice of her to do that. Then we speeded up to Gilroy like bats out of hell. We stop in Morgan Hill to get something to eat, because we didn't know the next time we were going to get a chance to. One of the guys in the other van complained that he was getting sick sitting were he was, so I switched with him. Now, I was in the other van with our Spanish teacher. Actually, I didn't mind this at all. The reason was because I sat in the way back with the five eighth graders.

There were two that caught my interest. Nate and Charles. Nate was just plain cute. He has spiked hair, and a cute little face. Charles didn't even seem like an eighth grader. His looks were more of a tenth grader. He had somewhat sophisticated looks to him, and a hint of mystery. Went he talked to the whole group, the people in the last two rows, he directed it towards me. Meaning he faced me, looked me right in the eye, and talked to everyone, or even someone else, besides me, in particular. I am probably just imagining it, but as I told you there was a hint of mystery about him. Nate, Charles, and one of the other eighth graders were inseparable. There was one point that Nate was playing around and put his face right up to the other guy, and the other guy turned around, and their lips were almost touching.

When we got to the hotel, that happened to be across the street from the Hanky Panky, we were assigned rooms. I got assigned with three other guys. One sits next to me in Latin, one I know from other stuff, and the third, Charlie, I wasn't really acquainted with. The five eighth graders were in the room adjoining ours. Five guys, two queen size beds. Hmmm. My imagination was definitely active to the thought.

After spending an hour settling in, we headed over to the convention to check in. No one caught my interest yet. The first night was rather boring. The tests were then, and they seemed hard as hell. I wandered around for like two hours just finding my way around the place. I was kind of homesick, so I called home from the gym. My mom just told me to stick in there, and my sister was all curious to what was it like. I talked with them for a while, then went wandering some more. I ran into Jason, one of the guys that I befriended on this trip, and Charlie. We went to the game room to see what was to be seen. Then we went back to the tent, the main place for the whole convention, to see if anyone from our group was there. As I said before, the first night sucked, so I'll just flash forward (a very good show, I may add) to the next day.

I had to wake up earlier then everyone else, because Jason and I had to go to a special breakfast for voting on the JCL (Junior Classical League) officers. For the first half of Saturday, everyone had to wear togas, so here I was walking at 7 a.m. through our hotel with a king size sheet wrapped around me. OY! After the breakfast, we headed back to the tent for the morning assembly. Assembly at a Latin Convention equals a lot of people from the schools with like 150 students yelling and scream for their school. Real Fun! *sarcastic aura*

Then I went around seeing what there was to do. Nothing really happened until after lunch, but I found some stuff to do. I scoped for cute guys, which there wasn't that many of. I also looked for girls,. Hey, there is no harm in looking. After lunch, we were toga free! Those things are kind of binding. The first thing that was after lunch was the Rent-A-Roman. It is like a auction where you buy people for four hours. Charles was supposed to be sold, but he got tired of waiting for his turn and left. Then there were the workshops. I went to the one for making a Roman coin, which I messed up on so I threw it away in the trash. The next workshop was the Roman Sacrifice, which didn't happen, so I wandered over to the Gladiator Simulation. This was rather cool. There was a whole bunch of guys and chicks with fake swords and shields that were fighting. They would pick out people from the crowd to fight and everything. There was one guy in the crowd, that I think wasn't even there for the convention. That is totally possible too, because the campus that the convention was at, Menlo Park, was a middle school, high school, and dorming college. He was really cute. I don't think I can describe it.

The whole time I was at the convention, all I could think of was Chris. He ruled my thoughts, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Remember Charlie? Well for like that whole day, he was literally stalking this one girl. He was totally obsessing about here. He was obsessing about her as much as I obsess about Chris, but he verbalized it. It was to the extent that he dragged me around looking for her. We looked for her at the dance, which he said he saw her, but didn't have the nerve to go and talk to her. He lost her after that, so for like four hours he begged me to help him look. Being as I am, I did. I'm quite pathetic. Well, I really didn't want to be at the dance, because I wanted to be with my teachers who told me I was an expert stalker compared to Charlie. I needed to know why they said that. But since I was more into being a true friend, I went with Charlie. I stayed there until my feet were hurting, then I headed back for the tent for pick-up. I got the first trip back. I was so tired that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next morning, we all had to rush through everything, because he were heading out by 8 a.m. I showered, and all that jazz. We all piled back into the vans, and headed home. I sat with Charlie, Nate, and the three other eighth graders again. I didn't mind things at all. I read my comics all the way back, and they seemed interested in them too. When I got back, my dad and sister picked me up. When I got home, I was supposed to call Chris to see if he was able to make it to the movies as I asked him before. He said before I left, that he wasn't sure if he was able to go or not. My mother was acting quite rude, and said that I had been gone the whole weekend, so I couldn't go to the movies. I told Chris, and he understood. He said that we so try some other time. Hey, that was good enough for me.

Well, that is about it. I'll try to have a more interesting story to tell you next time.

-DH, the-chosen@rocketmail.com

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