Joel Villarini

April 1998

Hello Avid Oasis Readers! Let me give you guys a quick update on me on the last months. Well, to be honest, there's not much to update about I've almost temporarily left the gay-clubbing scene, I grew tired of it... People can be so superficial and obnoxious sometimes that they just make your desire to go clubbing go down the drain, but I really stopped going just because I also need to "recycle" myself, when people see you on a weekly basis you just become part of nothing, but the innovative and new is always on the spotlight, so I am "recycling" myself. Besides I need more sleep, I got tons of college work, essays to turn in every single day etc. etc.

This month's topic is a phenomenon I call "Rushed Couple, Love or just mere Attention?" Interesting huh? I bet many of us can relate to this, myself included. Sometimes when we are lonely in LoveLand (a place very far away for many of us) we sometimes confuse love for attention. For example, we can be in some gayplace or with someone we just met recently and that person starts talking to you and gives you a lot of attention and keeps talking to you, somehow an inner tick in you tells you he is hitting on you.

He can treat you on a special way and be nice etc. later when you leave and nothing has happened you are in bed thinking about him and walking him down the aisle.. funny huh? Then next time you see him he treats you cool and everything and you somehow start developing confused love signals and feelings towards him. Maybe you two guys hit it off and start a little something but after a few weeks when you get to know the other person pretty good your feelings may become somehow disoriented and confused. Like when you wake up from a dream and smell the coffee downstairs giving you that good punch a.k.a. reality check. But on the other hand, maybe that little something grew deeper and blossomed into something named Relationship! Oh what a word trembles in your throat and makes you think about commitment, dedication, yikes! big words huh? Well they are indeed and they are very much needed when entering a serious relationship.

But the point I want to bring to you guys is... Don't confuse things, open your eyes first and then look where you are walking. Don't walk blindfolded into the abysm that is something rather pathetic? Short & Sour vs. Long & Loving, it's your pick remember don't confuse attention with love, they are VERY different but seem many similar to many... creating chaos... Well that it is all for this month I hope you consider all this when going after something, Laters!!!


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