April 1998

Hi all, I would like to thank all the people who emailed me, and I apologize for the length of time it took me to reply back. So as I sit here to write this article( it is 2:34 PM. EST.) WOW, what an incredibly boring month this has been for me. Well, moving on.

When April starts to draw near, it is term paper time at school. (The requirement is, if you don't do the paper you don't pass english for that year, and you have to double up next year.) So my theme this year is "Child Porn on the Internet" -- So let me ask you this; "Should child porn be allowed on the Internet? Please feel free to e-mail me with your opinion on this.

Also as I was surfing around, I see that many of the "Adult" sights, now use "AVS" (Adult Verification service). Now my question is this, if you are under 18, and can't get one, then why not borrow one? Good luck. With all the arrests, and convictions of the people distributing child porn, that people are getting paranoid with the fact that the person that is asking them isn't really a 17 year-old boy, but a 30-something FBI agent looking for someone to arrest.

"Children need to be protected on the Internet" is the cry that is sweeping the nation. That is what the AVS is for. There is always the fear of pedophiles, the stories are out there, of people being raped, and molested by people they met from the Internet. So I leave you for another month with these parting words: "Be safe when you're on and off the Internet, there are dangerous people out there, so be careful."


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