April 1998

Well, its John again, and I really don't know who all is reading.....hmm...oh well.

This month has been really cool. For the most part. My sister and I actually have open conversations about me being gay, and she totally understands. I don't really think that I will even talk to my parents when I get older, and for some reason, that doesn't bother me. I will try hard to explain things to them and give them a chance, but it will take time for them and I understand that.

This month, I have been on a chat room for gay youth and stuff, talking, and helping people with their problems, and solving some of my own. I think it has helped myself mature as a person, and realize that each person is sort of needed and has their place. That sort of fact in the world sort of astounds me, in that there are millions and billions of people on the earth, and each individual has many important things going on it their life, whether it be relationships, family, school, or any personal matter. Each person is somewhat significant and unique in their own way. One phenomenon that just astounds me is the way that two people can learn to love each other, and get along, with understanding and caring feelings. Just thought I'd add a little bit of thoughts in your mind.

Gay issues are pretty much thrown in our face everyday. I was walking through my house, and sitting on the kitchen table, was the paper. On the front page, it said, gay issue at ______ college. So, I inconspicuously took the paper to my room and read it....it said that there will be laws concerning gays added to school legislature.

Another gay fact that skimmed by my eyes is that one of the representative that is running for senate, is for gay rights and the other isn't. I, at first thought....go to the lady for the rights...but, then I thought, do we really need special rights? Maybe I'm just a naive 15 year old and knows nothing of the life of a gay man in the world. I really don't know if there will be any troubles that I'll face, but that just means that I'm too young to understand.

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