Diego Mays

April 1998


Hey, everybody!!! Well, it's been a while since I've been here. December I had finals. January I had work overload. And February brought Oasis's system crash in which my column was a casualty.

This being the music issue, I have divided my column into 3 parts: my status since my last column (so I don't have a loose end), my music pick: Madonna's "Ray of Light," and my love life in general. Pick anything that suits your fancy.


In my last column (way back when), I was worried about going home during Christmas break and bumping into Matt (who is the guy I am in love with). Well, I went home and visited my parents and sure enough I bumped into Matt at church. We talked for all of two minutes and didn't have time to say half the stuff we wanted to say. So I decided in January to move on. For more on how I did, look below in 'The Love Thing' section.

Second semester started off with a bang. I came back with sarcastic frail and the uncanny ability to blow up at anyone who so much as said a phrase from a movie too many times. I switched from the liberal arts (having math and science) to the 'wonderful' world of essays (having to do...well, essays). Since January, I mellowed out and started to manage my time and money while trying to find a job.

It's hellish trying to find one here. I been looking since the beginning of the year, and I still don't have one. These days you say 'I got a job!' around me and you'll see a shocking transformation as I turn into Demonboy, attacker of quick job gainers. My advice: Don't say job around me.

In my spare time, I work on a story that, as of this writing, is almost finished. Since I been working on it since last May, I'm glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Well, enough of status...let's move to the real focal point of this column...



Madonna recently released a new CD called "Ray of Light" with a lot of technodance laced with a spiritual feel to it. I'm sure a lot of people have already heard the single 'Frozen' and I'm finding that people either love the new CD or hate it. Many an argument have been going on the 'net over this new CD.

Personally, I was hesitated at first. After months of waiting (sorry, fellows. I wanted originals, not soundtracks), I wondered if Madonna still had it in here. I went into Hastings the day it came out and got it. After a few false starts (my walkman was cranky that day), I got to hear it. My advice would be to not judge on the first try. Just listen. Then judge on the second try because after that you won't go back.

Where can I start? The title song itself 'Ray of Light' has by far become my favorite of the other songs. It wasn't what I was expecting for the title song. I expected a slow sad ballad with a techno beat to it (something like the first two songs). Instead I got a song that becomes what it should be: A symbol of the whole CD-techno, spirituality, and dance at its farthest extent. The song makes me feel totally carefree without a problem in the world.

'Sky Fits Heaven' and 'Shanti/Ashtangi' are very spiritual themselves. They sound good to the ear and are relaxing. 'Frozen' was like that, too except it was a more melancholy tone. 'Frozen' is at its best when heard when a person is sad over something (and who isn't).

'Little Star' sounds like a beautiful ole lullaby. And 'Mer Girl' is interesting.

All and all, I thought "Ray of Light" was a good CD. The only problem I've noticed is that if you're a fan of techno, you'll think Madonna's CD was weak, or think she's being a trendfaker instead of a trendmaker. If you're not a fan of techno, this CD will make you curious about it or you'll call it Madonna's best CD ever.

I say "Ray of Light" is excellent and a must-have for the Madonna fan. Leave your attitudes at the door, and let the music move your body. Looking forward to the video for 'Ray of Light.'


Like I said in the STATUS section, I decided to move on pass Matt and find someone. That was messy. Since I have yet the advantages of the almighty car (don't pass out now), I have to be a little...limited in my perspective.

It was fun at first. I saw a few guys around campus that I wanted to know who I thought might be gay. I worked through that list and made it down to two guys: One who acted kind of gay (BJ) and one who was gay (V). During the deciding period, I realized I did fall in love with V. I wanted to keep the guys on equal footing so I decided to find out if BJ was gay. He wasn't, but he knows I'm gay and he's okay with it. It made things easier so I told V that I was in love (which I was going to do anyway). He decided he wanted to just be friends and pine over a guy he didn't even love. I don't understand it myself.

After a few more stabs at the dating game, I've learned a few things:

1) GUYS ARE WAY TOO STUCK ON LOOKS. This bothers me a little. In other to get a guy you have to be 100% good-looking and not 50%? I suffer from the looks flaw myself from time to time, but for the most part I can find anything attractive in a guy. That just means that I find guys that people wouldn't touch with a 50-foot pole attractive. Sue me for liking a guy for his personality and not his body. Now if I could find someone who felt the same way that I do here...

2) COMMITMENT IS A MYTH. With the exception of one couple I can think of, no one seems interested in a commitment, agreeing instead to an "open relationship." Sorry, but this just seems like a way of saying that you don't care about the person at all. You just see them as easy. Bottom line: If you care about the person you're with, don't mess around. If not for your sake, then for theirs.

3) ATTITUDES. I think the word speaks for itself. If not, can we say 'God complex?' I can understand the need for being cautious if you don't know if a person is gay or not. However, you don't have to be a jerk to the person's feelings. Just say that you're not interested. If you have to, use the Golden Rule. Would you want someone to treat you that way?

It's funny. I'm a debatable independent person. I'm focusing on my writing and homework. Even if I wasn't, I would be well off anyway. I love myself and that's roughly enough for now. Of course, a guy would be nice, too but I'm being realistic.

Well, God bless everyone. Send emails to brandon528@hotmail.com

Diego Mays

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