April 1998


"You only see what your eyes want to see,
How can life be what you want it to be,
You're frozen, when you're heart's not open....
Mmmm...If I could melt your heart.."

-- Madonna

I really hate the campus computers. Maybe it's because I really hate having to use a normal keyboard and I miss my natural keyboard. Anyhow, hello everyone. As you can tell I bought the new Madonna disc today and well?? I totally love it. The first single "Frozen" is one of the best songs because I can relate to it completely.

I've totally fallen over someone who'll be moving in the next few months and I'm totally upset over the whole thing. I think it's because I know now how much I care for this person and I'm scared to tell him about my true feelings for him. I want to do it though, before it becomes too late.

Notice how things seem to go full circle?? I mean, look at this. A year ago and I was saying the same thing about the same kind of situation. I can't believe it's been a year since I began to come out. I can't believe that I've been this far into my out phase as I have been. A year ago it was a sink or swim situation for me and this year has been not too bad.

I'm also amazed at the amount of Canadian queer content that has happened to just pop up in the personal columns. Oh Canada, our true north strong and queer....*LOL*. I'm just happy to be where I am in my life so far and that I can still live in a society where I don't have to worry about being bashed. But there are still things that need to change here, things that need to take shape before gays and lesbians truly feel comfortable within this community.

Hmm. A year ago was also Ellen's coming out episode, which contained the infamous toaster oven joke. I love that joke, and no matter how old it is, I still use it.

And a year ago I also submitted my first article for Oasis magazine. That is a small milestone in itself.

Until next month, Stay happy..


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