April 1998

Hello everybody, I'm not willing to give my real name so I'm writing under the pseudonym Trenton (It's not even close to my real name so don't think your going to figure out who I am). I am 14 years old and I live in Orlando, Florida. Yes, I am gay. I officially came out to myself on August 3, 1997, after at least a year of denying my sexuality. That's a little general information about me, so let's get to the real nitty gritty.

Coming out (to a few people anyway)

It was a warm night. I had known about my sexuality for a little over a month. I was dying to tell someone. Ellen, "The Episode" had just aired for the second time the other day, and I was determined that by the end of the week someone would know, but who???

AC had just moved to town (I'm only using initials for the protect the straight and/or innocent) that week. He was nice and we got along great. He was just a couple of buildings away from mine and we "hung out" a lot. We decided to play tennis that night, so I developed a plan on how I could tell him I was gay (don't ask me why I decided to tell him first, I'm still unclear on that myself).

We got to the court and I suggested we add a new rule to make things interesting. He agreed: every time you score a point you get to ask the other person a question, no matter how personal, and they have to answer it honestly. After a few rounds with the basic questions (innie or outtie, kissed a girl?, etc.) we got into more personal questions. He finally got around to asking me if I was gay. I wasn't really prepared to answer that, I hadn't thought that far ahead. I decided I'd just avoid the question. I acted offended that he dared to even ask ME such a question.

We finished the tennis game (I'm not really that good at sports so he won), and I felt an even stronger urge to tell him. As he was unlocking his bike (why does he take his bike to the tennis court, it's 100 ft. from his building) I casually mentioned that I hadn't really answered one of his questions. He, naturally, asked which one. After a pause of a few seconds it occurred to him and he asked if I was gay. My reply was simple, "Yes." His response was something along the line of "So, do you think your the only gay friend I've ever had." We both went home.

He eventually told a very good mutual friend of us both, but I didn't mind because I wanted to tell him anyway. CR took it as well as AC did.

You can't imagine the great relief coming out to someone will give you unless you've tried it. It's also the biggest thrill I've ever had. Don't be afraid to tell someone. Do be careful and pick who you want to tell so that it won't spread any farther until your ready to come out to the world (honestly, I'm far from ready to take it that far myself).

'Til next time, take care. I'd love to hear from you so if you have any comments or need advice please email me at CurtL33707@aol.com. I'll do my very best to respond.

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