Letter from the Editor

April 1998

Yikes! I was out of town on business travel for two and half weeks of the month, so putting the issue out has been a tad hectic.

In a week or so, I'll be putting a diagram online of how Oasis will be published beginning sometime over the summer. The basic idea is to use the Web to its utmost, and that includes daily updates, an Active Channel for you IE4 users (and Netscape if someone writes me the script to support their standard), maybe a few Flash graphics here and there and the best part, the whole process will be automated. We'll also be selling stuff, have a mailing list and more fun stuff. The important thing to note is that I will make no profit from this site, so I'm not just another Web site trying to hump the leg of the gay consumer. I'm sure you can think of sites that would fit that description.

I know I've been promising daily updates for a while, but I saw no point in proving I had no life and doing it by hand every day. It's bad enough I hand code Oasis as it is. So, I'm in the midst of learning Frontier and I suggest anyone who wants to grow a large Web site try it as well. What this will mean is that you can see Oasis like you do now, as one big, coded monthly magazine. But slowly (or quickly, you never can tell how these things are bound to work) it will shift into something you can check out more often. We're also looking to sell merchandise soon, basic Oasis logo shirts and a few bitchier ones. So, if you have any bitchy shirt ideas for queer youth, drop me a line.

Next month, Oasis will celebrate its "Family Issue" to coincide with Mother's Day. The basic premise here is that I'm tired of hearing these right-wingers put a stranglehold on a word and try to reshape its meaning. I have a great relationship with my family, and a deep love for family values. Of course, that's using my definition of the term, which puts more emphasis on love than hatred and accepting that 50s sitcoms were fictious and not ideal worlds. So, I want to hear from people about the importance of family, whether it's the family you were born into or created. And we're trying to get a specific cover story to tie this altogether nicely, although it's not yet confirmed, so I shouldn't say. One hint. If she did a magazine cover about her daughter the cover of it might read "Yep, She's Gay!" Again, no promises.

Which, for some strange reason, reminds me... go sign the petition to Save Ellen if you haven't already. It's up over 300 signatures now (no specific number yet, I need to update the list)




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