Call for Submissions: To Straight Family Members:

(People of color especially encouraged to submit.)

Editors Nancy Lamkin Olson (PFLAG Chicago-Lakeview) and Laura Siegel (PFLAG San Francisco) are collecting non-fiction stories and poems for a new anthology that will celebrate our gay family members.

We are soliciting personal stories and poems from heterosexual family members that reflect the celebration of their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered children. All family members are encouraged to submit. We especially encourage submissions by People of Color, Clergy or religious perspectives, Children, Grandparents, family members of Bisexual and Transgendered persons.

We want stories, poems, vignettes about anything from marching in a pride parade, enjoying Thanksgiving dinner together, honoring a relationship, a grandchild, or simply honoring your family member. We leave it up to your creativity and imagination to define your own celebration. We DO NOT want stories of transition or journeys to acceptance. We are looking for pieces that go beyond toleration, beyond acceptance and are firmly rooted in celebration.

We hope to reach gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons and their families and convey the message that it is not only possible to celebrate, it is natural, basic and inherent in the family relationship. We want to give back joy to this wonderful community that has enriched our lives, by sharing stories of celebration and love

Deadline: May 15, 1998. Send inquiries with SASE to Laura Siegel, 1107 Everglades Drive, Pacifica CA 94044 or email celebratn@aol.com. Guidelines are also available on the web at http://www.critpath.org/pflag-talk/celebrations.html

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