Call for submissions: Female Greeks

The Lambda 10 Project is seeking contributions for their second anthology, specifically focused on being lesbian or bisexual in a college sorority. Lesbian and bisexual women who have been or who are currently members of a college sorority are encouraged to share their personal accounts of sisterhood in relationship to being lesbian or bisexual. We want diverse experiences so we ask women whether "closeted" or "out" in their sorority to share their experience (positive or negative). The Lambda 10 Project also encourages straight women to submit stories about having a sister "come out" and how that experience impacted the sorority. These stories, along with homophobia intervention techiniques taliored toward the sorority women, will then be published in a book as an educational resource to the Greek community and student affairs professionals.

Purpose: To publish a non-fiction book of personal stories of lesbian/bisexual sorority women and their experiences with being lesbian in a sorority (closeted or out).

To heighten the visibility of lesbian/bisexual women and their contributions to all Greek sororities.

IF INTERESTED: Please submit the information below as completely and clearly as possible. Send to Lambda 10 Project; Office of Student Ethics/Anti-Harassment Programs; 705 E. 7th Street; Bloomington, IN 47405-3809 or email lambda10@indiana.edu

The Lambda 10 Project timeline and writing guidelines will be made available on our website http://www.indiana.edu/~lambda 10 starting June 10, 1998 and will be accepted until October 10, 1998. All information will be kept confidential.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please help the Lambda 10 Project by circulating this annoucement and publicizing in your local area. If you have a newsletter or any GLB/Greek press in your area, feel free to solict the project or ask for a Lambda 10 ad sheet for publication and flyers for distribution. For more information or questions, please email lambda10@indiana.edu

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