Training version of It's Elementary video available

The makers of IT'S ELEMENTARY are pleased to announce the availability of a shorter training version of their critically acclaimed documentary film. The new 37-minute educational training version of IT'S ELEMENTARY is designed for workshops, in-service staff training sessions, PTA meetings, or other forums where there is not enough time to show the full-length (78-minute) documentary, or when the emphasis of the session is on discussion time among viewers. "I'm delighted to have this training version," says Jan Garbosky, Co-Chair GLSEN San Diego County (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educators Network). " The original "It's Elementary" is terrific, but I don't always have time to show a full-length film. This version packs as much of an emotional wallop as the original, and covers most of the same issues, but in half the time."

Directed by Debra Chasnoff, IT'S ELEMENTARY is a groundbreaking resource for educators and other adults. The video is a window into what really happens when teachers address lesbian and gay issues with their students in age-appropriate ways. With moving footage shot in public and independent schools across the U.S., it goes inside first through eighth grade classrooms to find out what young students have to say about a topic that often leaves adults tongue-tied.

All of the scenes in the educational training version are excerpted from the original documentary. In most cases the lessons have been further edited to reduce the time of each scene. This version can be shown from start to finish without interruption, or paused for discussion when it fades to black between scenes shot in different schools.

IT'S ELEMENTARY is close-captioned and available with Spanish subtitles. It's available at a 50% discount to individuals and organizations who already own the full-length version. For complete ordering information, contact New Day Films toll free at 888-367-9154, by fax at 201-652-1973, or by email at TMCNDY@aol.com.

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