Response to BSA vs. Dale ruling

By Bryan St. John, 16 (AcidxOD1@aol.com)

This article is a sort of runoff from the results of the recent court case against the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) brought on by James Dale (a former highly decorated eagle scout. For those of you who do not know the basic facts of the case, here goes a brief summary. The BSA kick James Dale out of the boyscouts after discovering in a college newspaper that he was homosexual, prior to that date he had been a scout for 12 years, had earned 30 merit badges and a number of awards. Recently, after 10 years of court battles, a New Jersey superior court has stated that the BSA had no right to expell James Dale on the basis of sexual orientation. This desiscion had led to many debates among young and old alike, and has most of the country asking who was right. I was surfing the web one day and saw a discusion board at channel one (http://channelone.com). When I saw what most of the responses to the trial were, i was utterly appauled on how people could think of there fellow human beings. I will be the first to admit that aside from the facts listed above this is a completely biased article with my oppinions and the oppinions of others and I do not intend to hurt anyone or either to make them mad.

I have been wondering where people learn descrimination from, to me it looks like in some places it is taught in school. I urge anyone who has heard this type of comment from a teacher or other staff member in your school to report it to the head of the school board immediately. School is a place for learning, not a place to go to be ridiculed for who your are.

Lucas, AZ, 17

Just like my English teacher said when this story aired on Channel One. James Dale won't be a Boy Scout, he will be scouting for boys!!!!!

It amazes me on how this person is ignorant enough to take moraly straight as being straight, second does he (and BSA) not know that peoples morals change depending household, area, religious values, and country.

Nathan, OHIO, 16

First Off HE SHOULD BE EXPELED!!!!!!!!!! He has no right to be part of a ornization that has the lines "MORALY STRAIT" in it. I admit Im not much of a fundilamlist but excuse me if this trips my breakers! Mabey the Girl Scout will take him. After all those girls whould have less to fear from him then 12-18 year old boys! After all I would be have a hard time letting him in my troop, They tell you that you have to be wear about them with the younger boys when your a SENIOR PATROL LEADER! Let him keep his rank, but thats it!

I myself was in boy scouts at one time, this statement is totally false on the value of safety, safety is not sexual orientation but rather a matter of not joining scouts in the first place. Scouts die all the time from accidents and so forth. Why should someone base safety on sexual orientation. Also in response to calling homosexuals evil, I don't think this person has any facts to base this on. The person acts as though homosexuals commit murder. Third i am sure that homosexuals are not a disgrace to the human race, people who think such as the one below and the two above are the disgrace. Humanity is based upon tolerance and respect, in every aspect have I seen homosexuals treat heterosexuals with. My only lingering thought is, "Why must we be looked down upon by so many of our peers if we treat them with the utmost respect and dignity?".

Erin, UTAH, 15

i highly believe that having a gay man in the boy scouts would ruin the boy scout's reputation forever. homosexuality is morally wrong, evil, and inspired by the devil. there is no way that it could be right! if i had a son, and i knew that his boy scout leader, or one of his fellow scouts, was gay, i would take my son out immediately and put him in another safe boy scout group. how would you know what went on inside the gay man's mind? what would they talk about around a campfire? homosexuality is NOT a family oriented state of mind. if it was, then how come only men and women can have children together? God obviously did not intend to have homosexuals on this earth. some mentally handicapped person brought it about. it's wrong, and extremely embarrassing to the human race.

Fortunately there is also hope, although the bad outnumbered the good here go a few of the comments in protection and defense of the homosexual lifestyle. Although the way they stereotype homosexuals is not appealing, at leasr it is hope.

sara m. michigan, 14

I feel that even though he is gay , he should still fight for his rights. Besides, he is too old to participate in boyscouts, so why worry? He is not going to have a sleepover at a campout. I think he has the right to sue under his first amendment right. There is no reason he should be segregated.

PaganRiotgrrrl, IN, 18

Get over it. SOme of you must have a very large ego problem to think that that gay guy would want to hit on you anyway!!! He seemed more well adjusted than the rest of you hypocritical boy scouts, anyway!!!

Amy B., 13

I think that gay people are just that. They're people. And they are for the most part just like you and I. They should be allowed to express themselves and promote their ideas as long as other groups can express themselves and promote their ideas, anti-gay or not. Isn't that what democracy is?

Kelly, MI, 15

The Boy Scouts had no right to do what they did to him. I know alot of people who are gay, and they are no different than anyone else in this world. I wish people would ahow some emotion once in a while


Miranda, IN, 14

I have went through and read everyones comments. A lot of you people out there are so immature. Another thing is that alot you believe that homosexuals have a choice whether or not to be gay, well you are wrong.God made them the way they are and people like you guys are trying to make them change the way they are so that they can be more like you. Let them be the way they are. Let them live there lives being happy.You have that right now let them.

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