Three poems by Erwin Jaeger


Apathy Bisexual: take one

By Erwin Jaeger

Smooth Asian boy looking for someone who lives fast
loves hard & spits with the honest integrity of a preacher in heat


Apathy Bisexual: take two And Feeling.

By Erwin Jaeger

And Feeling.

And Feeling that no matter how hard you try
It'll never happen
You will never win the game
You will always feel the same
You will never win the hearts of man or woman
You will end up a crone living with 4000 cats
and the semantic garbage jungle that you call a home will
be your prison till you Die
Getting up the courage and taking the chance
Yet being cursed with a karmic umbrella that reeks of Alpha-Male
And a bladder that makes finger condoms seem vast in comparison
You raise your sites to the world ahead & manage a weak smile
As you clutch your tattered copy of "the book of love"
There is always a chance in hell.


Visions Fade

By Erwin Jaeger

Visions fade upon the screen
the credits role my eyes have seen
Your grace your beauty and ...love
Something there I cant place
A connection a look a glance
a nuance that makes me think
Yes Yes I can be like you
Yes I can act like you
Yes I CAN (be you)
Be a character
on the screen
words on paper
built together
to make us think you are a man
think you are a person
think you are real
But you are just words
a figment
a fiction
who never existed except for in the eyes of a writer
who saw the world in a different light and had the audacity to put what it
to paper.
Just an actor playing a part
a nothing
a character


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