May 1998

It has been amazing, the amount of email that I have received from all of you about my last column. One boy said and I quote "That column has moved me to do something about the use of "gay" and "faggot" in my school." It is so nice to know that people actually read these columns of mine and pay attention to what little insignificant me has to say about life in this lovely little world. I do try to respond to all email, but sometimes I am really busy and can't, if you have sent me an email and I didn't respond thank you for it and send another one, and I promise I will respond.

Now on to the juicy stuff...

My best friend told me yesterday that he is bisexual. And, well, I fell out of my chair. I mean, I had my suspicions but I never really thought it to be true. And now that we have been talking about stuff, he and I have become better friends than we were before. It is just amazing, how much he knows how I feel about stuff. I thought when he said that he understood, that he was just saying it. But he really meant it, which makes me feel nice.

I think that coming out to a person is the best feeling in the world. Because you have someone that you can actually be your true self around, and not have to worry about them wondering why you are so down. My friend and I don't hide anything from each other now. He knows everything about me, and I mean everything. And I know everything about him, and we joke and we cry, and we don't have to worry about the other thinking that the other is weird or something.

So for all of you who aren't out to anyone, June is coming up, and see about if there might be a friend, or a teacher that you could come out to, so that you don't have to sit there behind the computer screen stewing with all of your mixed up feelings. Believe me, I know what you are going through. You can ask any one that writes for Oasis, we all know. And it's not fun to go through alone, not one bit. If you couldn't find someone in person, try to find a person online. I am not too sure about everyone else here, but as far as I'm concerned, you can email me, and I will try to help you with anything that might be troubling you.

The next big thing is that this guy that I have had my eye on for 8 months, some of you may remember him. I have referred to him as Jim. Well Jim and I have been talking a little and I might go out with him this week. But it is very interesting how the brain works when you are around a guy who is a friend, and when you are around a guy you like. My brain goes into overdrive and I try to say everything at once, but he is really quiet. I have called him a few times and he has never been able to go out, I am not sure if he hasn't really been able to go out, or whether he doesn't want to go out with me. But none the less, we are talking and I am happy about that.

It is time for me to wrap up and go and finish my school work....

Peace and love,


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