May 1998

I think I would like to make a little statement about the way our media presents ourselves. I know that the media gets ripped on time and time again, and it's the same story every time, but when I feel the pain, it makes it more real for others.

I've noticed while chatting in places, that people have the tendency to post some pics of same-gender kissing, nude models, and such... but when one has struggled all their life, with feeling out of range, and not good enough for others to lay their eye upon, it hurts to the point where I can feel other's pain, and the frustration oozing out of my ears. But then you say, "You just have the problem, shut up, I like the pic."

But it goes deeper than that. The younger generation then feels as though they have to measure up to that standard, when in fact WE should have never made it a standard, with our un-human obsession.

I know this personally, as I have been diagnosed as anorexic, and I think to this day I don't have it, just that people won't leave me alone. I'm not going to be one of them Geraldo persons and say if I never saw Kate Moss I wouldn't be the way I am, but the media has, in fact, an underlying cause, along with other things, for this illness.

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