Lincoln Ho

May 1998

Times are Changing II

This is only the beginning

Gay rights, Delwin Vriend, Supreme court ruling, they all appeared on the front page of every major newspaper in the province recently. I should know because I went through the newspaper stand at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, it's about time something happened about gay rights in Alberta but I believe this is only the beginning of another revolution in the modern world. "Don't be sexist," "Don't be racist," and soon "Don't discriminate people because of their sexual orientation."

What I mean is that this all takes time to happen. Discrimination doesn't just happen overnight. How long did it take the world to find out people had rights? A few hundred years? Or should I say thousands?

I'm just saying that even though the court has made this decision, it doesn't mean discrimination will stop. It will still happen no matter where you are in this world, whenever it is. Not everyone on the world will agree to what's right and what's wrong, and not everyone will stop discrimination. Nothing and nobody can or will be able to. The court's decision doesn't mean you can't be fired. It just means that if you are because you are gay or anything else, you can complain to the Human Rights Commission. So in my own opinion, if you go to complain, by the time it is filed and reviewed, it'll be the next century.

To those of you who have absolutely no idea what happened, I'll summarize it. Delwin Vriend, a gay activist, fought for his own rights on discrimination and won. Alberta is now the seventh province (I think) to have gays protected under the Alberta Human Rights Law.

Then why am I writing this? Well, I think that because of this, more people of different minority groups will follow in Delwin's footsteps and more gays will "come out" to people. I'm just telling people to be careful, whether you're gay or not. Every little thing you do, someone's going to be there to witness it all. Once it's out to the public, you will never know what will happen and you cannot turn back. I should know.

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