May 1998

As usual, I want to start by thanking those of you who responded to my article (jumbled as it may have been) as well as those who responded to my story in the A&E section. Your feedback was wonderful, as always.

Nothing much has happened in my life in the past month. The term ended, exams are over, and I am back from Spring Break. The issue with "Frizzy" has sorted itself out rather nicely, and my friend M.A.L.P. has made a list of things that are to happen during the term, including "James will score at Chi Psi Late Night". (Last time I was at Chi Psi I was a bit intoxicated and I grabbed a guy's ass. He was more intoxicated so he didn't notice. I know it was stupid, but it was worth it )

My plans for the summer are worked out. A month in Arizona doing Sed/Strat work; a month in Montana doing Paleo and Sed/Strat; help my sister move to college (she's growing up so fast); and visit family.

In the meantime, my parents will be adjusting to life in South Korea, at a base that my dad colorfully described as "so close to the border (North Korea) you can spit and hit some communists." I replied that while I dislike Communism as much as him (I am a military brat after all...), he might not want to spit on them because it might precipitate an "international incident," which is probably a bad career move.

More importantly, I have reached a tiny crisis as far as graduate school goes. I will be beginning the application process soon, only I don't know what I'm going to apply FOR. I came to college intent on being a paleontologist. However I did research on Venus volcanism last summer, and really like it. Through my schooling and that research I have developed a taste for planetary geology now as well. So the problem is that at a graduate level it's not easy to switch from the world of the past, to another planet altogether. I suppose I could apply to both and make the decision later, but I think that that's just delaying the inevitable. Making the problem more difficult is that the realization has hit that within two years, the decision I make will affect the rest of my life. The real world approacheth, and I'm being dragged in kicking and screaming.

Well, poo.

I realize this article has nothing to do with being gay, but 'oh well'. (Actually, I did get a key chain that has a triangle with the rainbow colors in it. Quite a few people borrow my keys, so I suppose that if they don't know now they will soon. I'm sure the news will spread fast through my little department, but I really don't care.)

That's about all I can think of for now. Bye bye!



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