Paul Sepuya

May 1998

Welcome back Oasis readers,

This month I don't have much to write about. I don't want to whine about the usual stuff, so I'll just ponder a few things I heard about recently

Exhibit A: TRY-sexual?

Did anyone see that 20/20 story about the former Lesbian activist who's now involved with a man, but says she's not bisexual, not straight, but a lesbian? Seems odd to me. I figure her for a bisexual in denial, because I thought lesbians were for women loving women -- and no men invited. I'm not surprised that lesbians have been offended that their pre-Ellen postergirl has betrayed them and made straight people wonder if it really is a choice.

Exhibit B: What color to paint Jesus?

It was around Easter, and the usual topic comes up on BET. Was Jesus black? I, as a black person, say "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" I'm sure that someone somewhere is saying, ever so PC, that "JESUS WAS AFRICAN AMERICAN!" That's stupid. Why not African Canadian?

But the man wasn't White either. Don't trust 14th century Christian paintings from old white Europeans who'd never been outside France or Italy. Paint him whatever you feel like, it doesn't matter. Jesus was a Middle Eastern, ancient Hebrew JEW!

Exhibit C: Will the conflict end?

Isn't it horrible and frustrating when you did something that your parents like and you like, and then not do it again; so they want you to do it again but you don't want to and they bug you do it; so you do it and don't like it so you undo it and they get mad for bending over backwards for you, when it was as much their fault as yours?

Exhibit D: Oedipus Complex?

What is it with (very) young gay men, and old, (much older) gay men and these strange relationships? I respect everyone's own business, but I don't understand it. Is it like when Anna Nicole Smith married that old geezer for his money? And why do young women marry old men for their money? I can't see sexual attraction there, I'm sorry. Someone please answer this, please because my tummy gets funny when I think I'm seeing father kissing son /daughter.

I think I've done my work for this month, later..


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