May 1998

Hi, in case you don't remember from my last column, I'm a 14 year old gay boy in Orlando, FL. Now to the column.

I'd really like to know what the cosmic attraction between girls and gay guys is. Here's my rather interesting spring break experience.

Spring Break

This spring break I went on a trip with 34 other people in my school. We went to Washington, D.C. for Three days and Two nights of patriotic fun. Our plane left Orlando International Airport at 7:30 on the beautiful morning of March 14, 1998, for what promised to be a great trip.

On the plane I was seated next to an older man and his five year old daughter. They had spent a week in Orlando, visiting Disney and the other major tourist traps where people will spend their life savings to see a bunch of acne covered teenagers run around in mouse shaped heat magnets.

We arrived in Baltimore on schedule. We loaded onto a bus where we would spend a great deal of our trip. A girl sat by me on the bus that I'd met in the Orlando Int'l airport. In front of us were Stephanie (who knew I was gay) and Lauren (a friend of both Stephanie and Myself who did not know... yet anyway). Ahead of Stephanie and Lauren was the bus driver.

On the way to Union Station were we would first go to eat lunch, The girl beside me, Jessica, and I engaged in various conversations. Somehow, who she liked came up as a topic. She said she wasn't going to tell me who it was, but she would give me hints. I asked if it was someone who went to our school, she said yes. I asked what team he was on, she walked back to someone else's seat on the bus and they exchanged a few words I couldn't hear. She returned and said yes. I then asked if this person was on the D.C. trip with us. She looked around the bus for a minute then said yes. I asked a few other questions and made a few incorrect guesses. Stephanie, by this point, was dying of curiosity and asked Jessica who. Jessica leaned forward and whispered something to Stephanie. Her reply to what Jessica whispered was a very loud "Oh my God" with a smile and a look at me. Steph then told Lauren in her ear. It suddenly dawned on me, Oh my God, this girl likes me!!!

I didn't say anything concerning the matter. We ate together at Union Station. We then went on to the National Cathedral. We walked through the Cathedral as Stephanie and I kept insisting that there was one major reason why this wouldn't work out. After our tour of the Cathedral we were released into the gift shop and told to be back at the bus by a certain time. Jessica and I found the gift shop boring and walked straight for the bus.

While we were outside Jessica asked me if I liked someone else. I replied yes. She asked "who is she." I said that there was one word in her last question that was wrong. It didn't take her that long to figure out why Stephanie and I insisted it wouldn't work out. She took it fairly well and we were good friends for the rest of the trip and still are.

When we got back to the bus Stephanie, who hadn't been with us, asked if she could tell her. I told her I already did. I let Stephanie tell Lauren because she was about to explode from not being allowed to tell anyone. Lauren just laughed (and laughed and laughed and laughed).

By this time everyone on the trip knew that Jessica liked me and figured I liked her. They kept asking why we weren't going to go out. We just answered that there was a very good reason. People definitely didn't stop harassing us when Jessica fell asleep on my shoulder on the bus. Her holding my arm every time we walked somewhere wasn't exactly an invitation to shut everyone up either.

Even one of the Chaperone/teachers on the trip was teasing us.

We arrived back in Orlando about fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Two teachers were giving us a hard time, but had the courtesy not to say anything to either of our parents.

Since I've been back, One of Jessica's friends began liking me. Jessica had to tell her I was gay also. I've also learned of someone else who liked me earlier in the year. They all seem to think I'm Cute and Nice (I'll take there word for it).

There is an expression that I've heard many times. "all the good ones are gay." Hey, I'm not complaining!

That was my spring break experience, I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoy telling about it. Email me with comments or if you need advice. My address is CurtL33707@aol.com

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