May 1998

May your May be full of enlightenment into your inner soul...

So it's May, the start of spring, when thoughts turn to children or perhaps not.

OK, toadies, topic for discussion is: de de der!!!! "love"

Now, "what is it", well in my ill-informed view, love is what happens when sex becomes irrelevant, i.e. when you want to be with someone so badly that when you are with them that's enough. Of course, this is open to much personal opinion.

"if it happens," then everything changes.

"What to do about it"

Answers on a postcard to James lost in relationship hell i.e. your guess is as good as (if not better than) mine.

So that's the whole of love not taken care of in 5 minutes.

Since I again have no real subject, and have again had a drink. I'll talk about me.

(go to sleep now)

Right, well I think after reading some other columns here that I am a little behind in the sort of sexuality development thing. You see, here in the UK, gay issues tend to be swept under the carpet, religion rules 100% in many schools and things like gay-straight alliances are totally unheard of. If you are gay and a teenager there is one simple to follow rule: DON'T TELL ANYONE.

Simple, but hard to do because I know from personal experience that telling someone you are gay and them not hating your guts afterward is one of the best feelings that you can ever experience.

I'm not saying that people in the UK despise gays, they just sort of instill in people a total belief that being gay is completely wrong, not by ever saying it, but just by saying that marrying a woman and having children is HOW IT WILL BE. It's like there no option. When later on you discover that you don't fit to that picture, there is considerable confusion.

Not that it's easy for anyone.

I'll leave you on that thought.



This month's quote: We do not choose who we are, but what are we but the sum of our choices?

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