Letter from the Editor

May 1998

It's been a busy month, and the hectic pace shows no signs of stopping...

On April 22, Oasis Magazine was listed as a plaintiff against the state of New Mexico, as the only queer plaintiff, ensuring queer youth are able to maintain free speech online. As part of this lawsuit, we've opened up a new area at http://www.oasismag.com/fight/ which will have the different areas in which Oasis is fighting for queer youth onlne and offline, mainly because we think this New Mexico suit is the first of many things we'll be involved with this year. This will give you one home to track it all.

Earlier in April, Oasis had been nominated for a GLAAD Interactive Media Award, which went to GLORadio. I'm not sure how the family treee works. Oasis is a partner of PlanetOut, and GLORadio was a partner until PlanetOut bought them out, so there's some family tree linkage there. Congratulations to the GLORadio team. Of course, as everyone who doesn't win an Academy Award always says, the most important thing is being nominated.

Ellen is officially cancelled. ABC pulled the plug on the show last week officially. Oasis's Save Ellen campaign got over 500 signatures and a fair number of great stories about how Ellen's coming out affected them. We'll be moving the stories to Portable Pride section or somewhere in the June issue.

Speaking of which, Portable Pride, prior to becomine a regular feature of Oasis, had been a June-only feature. As such, we'd like to beef it up for June. So, send in any video, music, book or whatever else queer reviews you want to oasis@oasismag.com.

That's a quick look at what's going on right now. Thanks for stopping by the Oasis...



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