First-ever E-Novel to begin shipping June 15

From 15 June 1998, subscribers to THE BLUE STILETTO will receive a daily episode of the Net's first commercially published e-novel.

THE BLUE STILETTO is a comedy thriller, set amongst the denizens of Key West, Florida, revolving around a murder-hunt. A suspected serial killer uses The Blue Stiletto, lethal novelty cocktail stick from a new bar, to settle an eccentric range of scores.

Mark Bunyan's previous writing includes the novel YESTERDAY'S BLONDE as well as the award winning musical JUST GOOD FRIENDS and play DINNER. In 1995, he was honoured to be canonised by the London Chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for his services to gay liberation, taking the name "St Mark of the Musical Tendency" (or "St Mark Lark" for short).

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