South Carolina high school cancels Indigo Girls performance

WASHINGTON, DC---April 30, 1998--- The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force expressed outrage at the cancellation of a South Carolina High School performance by the popular duo the Indigo Girls. The school's principal acted because the women are lesbians.

"Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth face harassment and violence in schools across the country. This is precisely why," stated Task Force executive director Kerry Lobel. "We urge Principal Witt to change his tune."

The Grammy Award-winning duo, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, were slated to give a free half-hour performance during a May 7 talent show at Irmo High School near Columbia. Irmo High School Principal Gerald Witt canceled the show, saying through a spokesperson it was because Saliers and Ray are lesbians. Since publicity arose about the cancellation, principal Witt is attributing the cancellation to other reasons, in addition to the sexual orientation of the performers.

"The refrain of Ray and Saliers is integrity and respect for everyone. Principal Witt certainly has a lesson or two to learn from the Indigo Girls," said Lobel.

The Indigo Girls may be going forward with other arrangements for a show in Irmo next week. The Irmo High School show was part of a series of scheduled high school performances by the Indigo Girls.

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