June 1998

Being pride month here in Minneapolis, I thought about writing about coming out and the struggles GLBT persons have, but I can hear that any old day. I think we, as a whole, should think a bit about education. Where would we be without it? In some ghetto?

I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the Walt Whitman School in Texas, but it's a school for GLBT persons or young people with GLBT parents. The school isn't very big, 17 students last time I checked, but think of the idea.

Think of a day, whether in different schools or not, that couples can walk down the halls, arm in arm, and no retaliation or anything. Think about being able to fully concentrate on school work, and the only thought it if that cute person is looking at you, or if its all in your head.

I do have a dream that one day, there will be a place, whether a school, or other, that this will happen. The world doesn't wake up one day and stop oppression, but I think that if we empower the young, us, that this world will wake up to that day faster.

I want to inspire this so much that I, in fact, have been thinking of getting a master's degree in social work, and somehow creating this place, whether it be a summer or whatever camp that helps the GLBT people, in whatever stage they're at. Think of what it would be to a person to go a place and have 100 or so people who have walked very close to your own footsteps.

Whether this is just a huge dream, or a possibility, I'm not sure.

Wanting your soul,


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