E.J. Chasse

June 1998

Hello, I am writing for the second time ever. My first one was a while ago, and probably long forgotten. Anyway, to the topic...

I have two things to discuss this month. One is genetics, another is religion.

First genetics. I hate to break it to everyone, but homosexuality looks to be more and more an inherited trait rather than something you choose or that is brainwashed into you.

I did a research paper (MY LAST ONE!!!) on this. There was a study done by the National Institute of Heredity and the National Cancer Institute on gay brothers... found at the Queer Resource Directory, and it found a set of genes know as Xq28 that were IDENTICAL on all but 7 of the 40 brothers tested. All the brothers claimed to be gay. What does this mean?

Well, this basically me that our sexuality is controlled by the X chromosome. Homosexuality would be a recessive trait, meaning to activate it you need to have NO dominant genes at that site. Which means that men are TWICE as likely to be gay than women because women have TWO chances to have dominant genes on either of the two X chromosomes.

However the seven who were not identical were theorized to have been "socialized" into being gay by their siblings.

To make this a lot shorter, feel free to mail me at Chedeta@yahoo.com for the full details or any questions...thanks.


I've noticed around here how the bible is being used as a hate device. Let me explain something I found out.

First, the Bible DOES preach hate, and DOES say that God does not like sodomites (supposedly gays).

However, the full message of the bible is Jesus Christ's Teachings. And his teachings are simple. Peace is the only way. Do not judge. Do not hate. And finally, love everyone equally. He also points out that if you let him into your heart, that you will be granted passage to heaven.

I have a collection of quotes from the bible that contradicts other quotes that condemn homosexuals. Once again, for full information...mail me.

Anyway, have a great day. Remember there are three things that can bring you happiness:

Peace, Love, Rock and Roll.

EJ Chasse

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