Robert Hines

June 1998

Hi everybody, I haven't written for a long time, because I suppose nothing has happened, but I want to just I don't know, go on about retarded stuff. Lots of new writers online I see

It's been a while since I changed my orientation to being a non-labeler and people think I'm a retard. They think I'm scared of the term gay. Sorry I don't want to identify with the stereotypes. I'm all past that.

I can't wait to say goodbye to this hole of a city, Sydney. I'm moving to Halifax, thank God, to be in a place where for the most part, people are people and that's all that counts.

I suppose I'm a hot head when it comes to gay bashing, I can't take it nor do I want to deal with it, without the injustice going unnoticed. I just want to say to all those 'don't wear it on your forehead' people, 'don't use this as your excuse to your homophobia.' I mean people shouldn't go out with a megaphone and say I'm gay gay gay. But people like Ellen who go and try to do something for human rights, a pioneer, a brave soul to stand out and go against the grain, and she ends up getting a letter from Elton John telling her don't be gay, be funny! Well I'm sorry Elton John, but let her open people's minds. Her having to deal with the pressure of getting taken off the air for trying to make the television signals more equal to all people, and help people who are ready to kill themselves, to get on with their lives.

Besides, I wouldn't talk, Elton. Nothing against the Princess, but get over Candle in the Wind?! Don't try and help put the Royals get more popular, the monarchy sucks. Diana did a lot for charities, there are a ton of other people in the world, that in her position, would do the same and they don't get any credit when they die. It's bad enough getting mails from people in buttfuck-nowhere Texas but from Elton John, a so called 'gay icon', that is just pathetic. I stood up for you to Elton, when my uncle called you a faggot, I hope no one mails me and tells me to stop sticking up for innocent people.

So, my boyfriend just mentioned to me that Ellen is on at 10 for her last episode. I would like to show my disapproval to all the people who ended up canceling her show by saying to ABC that the world is too prejudiced for a 'normal' sitcom. Also I would like to start a boycott of ABC for enriching the prejudices of the American people, and giving in to the pressure. Would they take a black family-based sitcom off the airwaves? I think not. Ellen had great ratings, in an interview on PrimeTime ABC said that Ellen was taken off the air due to the show's content. Thank you for supporting a human rights pioneer.

Anyway, these days have been pretty good for myself. I've been going out with my gorgeous new boyfriend Kenny for the past two months. I'm moving in with him when I move to Halifax a month from now. He is a very sweet guy. And we have a very strong relationship, I haven't felt this good with a guy in a very long time. We've a web page up at http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Metro/8456 and give me an email at rhines@auracom.com. I love getting mail, and I haven't received Oasis email for a long time!

One more thing. All you people out there, in high school or whatever who feel lonely, or people who feel very low about themselves because of their sexuality or ANYTHING! DON'T GIVE IN TO THE PRESSURE! The rest of the world doesn't understand, they are ignorant. Love yourself above all, and if you have any problems, email me and I will talk to you and give you support. If anyone is bothering you or whatever just know that they are degenerate bigots and you are better than they are, don't waste your time telling them off, it's not worth it. Put your energy towards positive efforts, like opening people's minds, not only about sexuality but all minorities. Don't be prejudiced when it comes to human rights. All people who fight back against prejudice, the minorities, are pioneers, people willing the bare the brunt for the sake of all others to come, and believe me they would give you thanks if they could, just never back down against your beliefs. When all others are beating you down, you have yourself to love.

Until my next article, later all,


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