June 1998

Laws in Puerto Rico forbid homosexual sex or any sexual action against nature including fellatio, anal, and other types of unusual relations. There is a growing movement that has come to everyone's attention against Article 103 (the one that prohibits contra-natura (against natural) acts).

The Gay Organizations are fighting against this Law and other projects against the GLBT community by doing manifestations, parades, letters and other types of campaigns.

Last year, Margarita Sanchez admitted publicly she was a lesbian and gave herself to the authorities, which didn't accept her. The government didn't put to use their own laws.

These laws have been done to suppress our community and to make us feel less a part of society. But we are fighting back, because the government doesn't have the right to control personal lives whatsoever. They are not God or anything similar to say what we can and what we can't do.

Most of these projects are being done by the government and religious influence from strong religious groups and the strong male chauvinist Puerto Rican society.

We are going to fight for our rights until we win, whether or not people like it. On other news about me, by the time you read this I'm going to be back from Mexico and my birthday is June 15th! So feel free to email me at japer@writeme.com or page me via ICQ #1397210. I'll be turning 19. I'm going to be updating my picture very soon and have a new homepage.

Next month's topic is: Queer Queens vs. Homosexuals... hmm, better tune in! You'll sure learn a lesson or two. Until then...


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