Curtis Lawrence

June 1998

Pride and Parties

Perhaps there is some irony in that I am born in the same month that Pride Week is being celebrated in my province (unlike the province of New Brunswick which has been having problems getting it organized due to a bunch of religious jerks and whatnot.) It was on June 1, 1978 (I'm 20 now, send money) that I was born, stood up, brushed myself off, turned back to look at where I came from and said "I'm never going in one of those things again!"

It's been a bloody dog's age since I've wrote a column and since then the friend I mentioned in my last column is going to be a daddy, I almost had a night of experimentation with him but we decided that we were better off as friends (his girlfriend ACTUALLY encouraged him to explore his sexuality, how's that for different?). Oh, and I've come out to a lot of people in my university debating society and now I'm no longer uncomfortable at the parties.

Why the f***ing hell didn't I do it earlier? I seem to have found this spatial anomaly where everyone is comfortable with my sexuality, too bad it's not going to last. A lot of these mature, evolved people are graduating and in their place will be snot-nosed bigoted freshmen who think fags should be put in there place. On the upside, I'm on the executive council and so are the remaining grown-ups so I can crush any assholes, yesssss.

I came out to my mom, haven't talked about to her about it a lot because there's not much to talk about, finding a boyfriend (my best friend tells me to do a personal ad :"Short and hairy seeks same" so I hit him, I'm not short) is very difficult during summer vacation when you're also looking for a job (now if I can find them in the same place...) I also have to work on giving the university support group a fine tuning so that we can keep members instead of having them be as unto dust in the wind. No problem, I'll work on that global hunger thing too.

My slight cynicism is born from my observance of some of the other gay people. Once they get a boyfriend/girlfriend they drop out of sight, as if that's all they were looking for and they have no real interest in their community. Being active in the community can sometimes get you one of two labels I have seen A/ slut B/ militant Our own support group has been labeled a meat market (as have all support groups, I'm told) Perhaps it's different in the big cities where there are ghettos, I don't know, I'm an educated hick.

What do I want down here? I want to help create a place where young gay people can get together and talk about things, hang out and even learn to get along (that's a top priority, they bicker a lot) In short, I want to help them take pride in their community. To see each other as more than just potential relationships but as family, and something to fight for.

Not too sappy, eh?

"We are alone in this great universe searching for something, never realizing that the answer was there all along; it was us. We're all we have."

Happy Pride Day/Week/Month/Year/Life,


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