June 1998

Once more I inflict my pointless perceptions of life upon you all. Take a Valium, then read on.


OK, it's now June. Ahh, the joys of summer: sun, clear blue skies, flowers, trees blossoming. Pollen counts, 100 dB aircraft in the air, Antihistamines, wasps, impending hosepipe bans. Yup, it's summer.

Ruthless paragraphing aside, onto the topic. Well, us 'forgotten' souls in good ol' Blighty finally got to see the Ellen coming-out 'Puppy' episode on the 25th of April. That plus a documentary about the making of the episode from concept to transmission; a panel 'queer' quiz with far too many cheap one-liners and innuendo about the 'bedtime habits' of celebrities. And yes, the people on this show were supposed to be gay, and yes again, they did manage to get a cheap joke about George Michael in there; with some pseudo-documentary called 'Celluloid Closet' (Make your own assumptions, I switched off after 30 minutes). All this bundled up into four hours on Channel 4 as the appropriately named 'Coming Out Party'. Did I mention the tips on how to come out with ratings on some of the more memorable moments from soaps and films? No, well, you know now. God, advertising the 'joys' of coming out. Call me paranoid, but do any of the books or films so aptly titled 'Coming Out - A Beginners Guide' (Or something along those lines) ever even vaguely mention the issue of safety? If I were to go out into the world now and say I was gay and happy. No chance, at least not without wearing a woven Kevlar body-suit at the time. OK, I stand corrected, they mostly do say something about considering the risks to personal safety.

Apologies for that last paragraph. Aside from letting my thoughts run amok with a keyboard, I haven't really said anything new. In fact, hell, is it just me who finds the endless 'gay propaganda' (For lack of a better phrase) about 'come out of the closet, sod everyone else' attitudes slightly tiresome? I am sick of hearing people running around proclaiming how it's wrong to stay in the closet, how you aren't gay unless you are jumping around the city affirming your 'queerness'. To be 100% honest, I find that attitude distasteful and self-defeating. For example, we all have those people who go door-to-door with 'a Bible story', 'save your soul, go to church' or 'the world is evil' fliers. I shouldn't compare these two utterly different subjects -- no, they aren't different. Both, in my eyes at least, are private and no-one has the right to try to change you or force theirs [religion or sexuality] so far into down your throat it's hard to breathe.

Tonight is Eurovision night. Yeah. Kitsch, Tacky, Humiliating, Degrading. Some of the phrases used on the radio this morning and in the columns of our cynical papers. I just thought you'd like to know. I'll shut up now.

Love you all, Bye,


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