Bryan St. John

June 1998

Man I have a question for all, are good looks a sin or a blessing?

I mean I do not consider myself good looking, but other people do. A lot of people say they want to look good, but do they know the problems that come with it? I mean I am harassed daily by friends and strangers, not harassed for being gay, but sexually harassed. It is beginning to get on my nerves.

I mean, sure, looks can get you almost anything you want, but they also get you a lot that you don't want. I mean I can be sitting down with my best friend and she says sometimes she wishes I wasn't gay and I ask why, and she says "because sometimes I feel like screwing the hell out of you."

I mean besides being too direct, I find that highly offensive. I'm sure that people do not like being treated like a piece of meat, I know that I don't. So in closing, I say that if you see someone cute it's OK to pay them a compliment, just be careful not to make them uncomfortable. You can be courteous and drop subtle hints that you like someone without saying, in essence, "DO ME!!!"


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