James Wilde

June 1998

OK, you should be reading this in June, by which time I will be right in the middle of my A-Level exams. If I don't do well then I won't get to go to university.

Due to revision pressure (first exam is tomorrow), this column will be a bit short (aren't they all?).

Guess what? I came out to my mum! I was sort of a bit drunk at the time (re: 18 bottles of 5% Budweiser. Hey, it was party night at the George!) and she took it OK, I guess. I haven't had the courage to say anything about it since. I'm still looking for a boyfriend. I can't even find one behind the fridge, answers on a postcard.

Last Friday, I went to see my mates' band play at a pub and they were really good, makes me see how much guitar practice I still have to do. I do play the guitar, well not so much play as it makes a noise. Some times even the word noise is too harmonious.

I've left college now, I only have to go into college for exams and then I'm free (except for results day, argh. The last time I shall see all my peers is on the 27th June at the Leavers Ball, should be a good laugh at least. So I guess I could say I've survived high school, hooray!

I really really promise to write something really good for next month, but now I have to go and learn about wave/particle duality (de broglie if you're really interested) and the complexities of how to integrate sec squared x over 45y.

With love,


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