Letter from the Editor

June 1998

Hope everyone has a good pride month. Oasis will have its first official off-line presence this month at a booth at San Francisco's gay pride event. We'll be selling some T-shirts, and making some of them available online as well.

Portable Pride, which used to be a June-only feature was made a standing feature a while ago, but we took the effort to add a lot of new book and music reviews for you this month. So, check those out. The concept of portable pride is that you don't need to live near a large urban area or go to a pride event to do something to feel more comfortable with your sexuality.

But, the main thing on my mind these days is Oasis 3.0. Oasis is overdue for a facelift, and this fall we will see a lot of new features when we do the redesign. So, my main interest is making sure this process does not exist in a vacuum. So, please e-mail redesign@oasismag.com with any feedback you have about what we can do to make Oasis a better experience.

At present, the plan is to add personalization features and make the site automated and updated so you can view it on a daily basis and continue to see fresh content. So, don't be shy, this is your magazine, let me know what you want to see in your magazine's future.



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