Viva For Danna

By Nir Leffler

The square was full of people who danced and sang, some of them without shirts, some with even less clothes. People jumped into the fountain in their underwear. Flags of blue and white and rainbow flags fluttered everywhere. People cheered and shouted and were happy.

The atmosphere was amazing, it was almost like they declared again about the establishment of the state of Israel. And in some way it was an independence day, at least for one group in Israel.

Danna won the Eurovision (The most important European song contest). After almost 20 years in which Israel barely took the last places of the contest, finally, Israel won. But more important the fact that Israel won, gays, lesbians, and every person all over the world with a different sexual identity has won. Because Israel has won because of Danna, Danna International.

Because Danna International proved that you can be what you are, without fearing, without hiding all the time, and still be successful, even to bring pride to your country, your people.

Danna International was born as a man but since an early age she felt she is a woman locked in a male's body. She began acting like a woman, wearing woman's clothes and wigs, and also began developing her singing career. A few years back she had a sex-change operation, a fact that hadn't made any difference to some of the more ignorant people who still refer her as a guy.

But Danna International never feared to be what she is. Hadn't feared to be a woman, declaring it and acting according to it. And she succeeded, making it to the Eurovision, winning there, and making so many people proud, not just the gay community.

And nevertheless Danna still believes in god and keeping most of the Jewish customs, like eating kosher food. In an interview after her victory she said that god loves her and granted her this victory.

Danna International proved something to all the people that kept speaking against her for years, dozens of religious orthodox, and also a few seculars who refused to appear on a stage with her or even participate in a show if she also participated.

On the 9th of May, Danna proved everyone that it is possible to be what you are, not being ashamed and in spite of that to succeed.

People from each and every part of the Israeli society came to the square, even religious ones, even orthodox. People who treated her not as a transsexual but as someone who brought great honor and pride to our country. People who told their leaders, their teachers "We don't care what you think, we feel pride as Israelis because of her victory, we don't care what her sexual identity is". On may the 9th Danna international, the transsexual, brought pride to all of the people in Israel and all the members of the gay community around the world.

Thank You Danna


lyrics: Yoav Ginay

There is a woman who is bigger than life
She has senses nobody else has
There is magic and there are hard days
And a stage, which is all hers
For the angels Diva is an empire
On the stage Diva is hysteria
She is all a love song
Diva, we shall shout in joy
Diva Victoria
Viva for Diva
Viva Victoria

There are women, tears of life
They will carry out a prayer with no words
For the angels Diva is an empire
On the stage Diva is hysteria
She is all a love song

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