By Christopher Caldwell

I smile and you smile
Something of the hunter in your eyes
You think I am a challenge
But I'm just a bitch
I could crumble you over my salad
And be hungry for dessert
You think you'll catch me
But I've branded your hand
You try to love me
And I'll spit in your tea
You try to leave me
And I'll tighten the reigns
You try to tame me
You'll just break from the strain.
I may play the porcelain doll
I may play the misunderstood angel
I'll pretend you've got me enchanted
But don't try to save me
'cause I'm just a bitch.


Christopher Caldwell is a twenty-year-old who resides in the Los Angeles area. He can be contacted at ccaldwel@oxy.edu or via http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/9010


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