Three poems by Robert Titman


Homophobic Jokes

By Robert Titman

Smiling with gritted teeth,
Fake pleasure at this bitter taste,
Laughing at my own weakness,
Becoming the faceless victim,
The butt of every 'harmless' joke,
Is this my punishment for being invisible?
Ignorance breeds intolerance and a weak sense of humor.

Doubly Cursed

By Robert Titman

When I first realized I hoped I was ambidextrous,
Pretended that was true,
The hours I spent in my room,
Trying to draw and write the acceptable way,

After years of struggling,
Waiting for neat handwriting to develop,
I realized I had that all along in a different way,
I began to accept myself for what I am,
Used the hand that feels comfortable and 'right',
How ironic,

At times it feels like everything is against me,
The cake forks, scissors and tin openers,
For others my deviance is an unnecessary annoyance,
Our elbows clash as we try to write together,
They're angry at my 'choice' of writing style,
I'm obviously a freak of nature,
The hand that dare not speak its name.

Unoriginal Sin

By Robert Titman

Empty, lonely, tired and desperate to fit in,
Anything for a quiet life,
Anything to be unnoticed,
Rather be nothing than be different,
Constant mask of grey,
Hiding behind easy uniformity,
Wearing the camouflage of boredom,
Showing no positive emotion,
Not popular enough to be different,
Anything to fit in,
Unoriginal sin.

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