A World Without Love

by Trenton

Love can be bitter
Love can be cruel
Love has no mercy
It makes us all fools

Love brings us heartache
Love is rare not to end
Love cuts you deep
It's scars never mend

I often dream of another world
A world with a simpler way of life
A world without love
Or heartbreak or strife

Then I remember a time
When my heart was in tact
When before I had felt love
There was much my heart lacked

I guess that without it
My heart wouldn't go on
I wouldn't be able to live any longer
Unlike the beliefs of Celine Dion


by Trenton

I want to live
I want to die
I want to love
I want to cry

Without the will to live
Without the will to die
I love someone I can't have
I'll just have to cry

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