July 1998

Well, it's been a few months since my last column here on Oasis, and I figured after promising to do another it's finally time.

This month I want to tackle the issue that all of us have asked ourselves, "Why am I gay?"

Of course we've all asked this question of ourselves, and yet we have to create our own satisfying answers. Perhaps the answer to this question isn't all that satisfying. Of course I don't have the resources to prove what I say in a lab environment, this is all speculation. It's your decision if you want to believe it or not. During talks with many people, it's become my view that becoming gay is not predetermined at birth.

Not predetermined? Well, yes. I know from my own personal history that an event happened, which had the power to conceivably make a person gay. When I was young, I had a friend by the name of Ryan. He was curious to say the least, and I went along with it. We had fun for sure, going naked here and touching there and all that. Yes that event could have conceivably turned me gay. But more than that happened, more friends of mine were gay/curious, Andy (who taught me how to masturbate), Josh (who wrestled nude with his little brother when I was sleeping over, I stayed out of it), Neal (who came onto me big time). And so on and so on.

This is just my story you say? Well, before you say that, ask yourself, seriously, if anything in your past that you can recall could have had the power to turn you gay. You might be surprised.

I know your story may not just be with experimenting. Maybe you used to go to the gym or something for swimming, and saw a lot of guys naked. Maybe you were abused at some point. Maybe you saw something you didn't want to. Or maybe you had a bad experience with those of the opposite sex, making you more comfy with your own kind.

It's all speculation.

Now, this theory isn't damaging to the gay community. If it's not genetic, then it can't be viewed as genetic disease like Down's Syndrome. People won't try to find a cure. Of course then people will try to "reverse" their gayness. Before anyone tries that, be aware that it can seriously fuck up a kid's mind. Also, be aware that gays contribute a lot to the world with the "gay culture." Or just the fact that there is love between men. Think of all that would be lost without gays, a lot of the stuff that attracts gay men. Such as wrestling.

Feedback anyone?

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