Sean Maguire

July 1998


What a month! Fuck all had happened. Well, that's not totally true; nothing 'gay' has happened to me. I did read a book by Paula Boock called Dare, Truth or Promise and reviewed it. (It's a romance novel, you know, girl meets girl, their parents hate it) The book won the NZ Post Children's Book of the Year. You can look at my review in Portable Pride. The book was made for gay (primarily lesbians, but it has relevance to gay/bi) youth in New Zealand, but despite it's setting it can be understood by everyone (FYI: 'formal' refers to Formal Ball/Prom).

When it came out (so to speak) leader of the Christian Heritage Party (at the moment still attempting to get into parliament) Grahme Capill made a huge uproar about the book. Claiming that a book with such "warped moral values" should not exist, let alone win such an award. He hasn't even read it. I really hate his attitude towards homosexuality, and his constant hatred of us, when he knows NOTHING about us. If he saw last weeks issue of This Life, where Warren gets his rocks off with a cycle courier [It was almost pornographic!!], he must of swooned in shock! If this was a m/f book Capill wouldn't care. Having said that, the book would not be as compelling, or make sense if it was a m/f book. It is a compelling read, worthy of it's title.

IMPORTANT: To set the record straight I was NOT either of the people who attacked Mr. Capill at the West Plaza Hotel 20 June '98. Honest!

The Evening Post had a front page article: Capill attacked in restaurant

'...Graham Capill was shaken after being attacked in a Wellington hotel this morning for his stand against homosexuality.

Mr. Capill said a man approached him when he was about to [eat] breakfast ... the man was polite at first but then started shouted obscenities. The man was escorted out...

Mr. Capill said he then sat down ... [near the window] - when another man threw a bottle at the hotel window.'

The Post then went on [and on and on] to say that the bottle broke and made a really loud bang, and people [and glass] went flying. Mr. Capill said "...it was really frightening." I'm sure not as frightening as that episode of This Life would of been. The men definitely attacked Mr. Capill because he had "made a stand against homosexuality"

A note about the book: It can be obtained from www.whitcoulls.co.nz , but you have to pay a international delivery fee. I have no idea if you can get it elsewhere than NZ.


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