Chris O'Leary

July 1998

So, the second I sit down to write my column, there's Trent Lott again, reminding me of something that I SHOULD talk about this month. Bigots. There are lots of them. But this guy's ignorant... in many ways. Apparently, he refuses to believe something that the APA (American Psychological Association) confirmed almost 25 years ago. I really like White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry's quote, when he said that Lott's comments showed "how difficult it is to get business done in Washington sometimes when you're dealing with people who are so backward in their thinking." Looks like Mike's doing a little bashing himself. He rules. The first week of the Monica Lewinsky controversy, they broke away from soap operas to air the daily press briefing. He told everyone that he wasn't going to talk about it, so the networks went back to regular programming. THEN he started to talk about it. He's a really bright guy. That was quite a digression. Anyway, he went on to say, "For over 25 years, it's been quite clear that sexual orientation is not an affliction, it's not a disease, it is something that is part of defining one's sexuality."

And then Lott and his partner in crime, Dick Armey, go and quote the bible. Well, whoop-dee-doo. These are the same guys who also think that wives should submit themselves graciously to their husbands. That's bright. REALLY bright.

I think what bothered me the most about this issue was the fact that Lott said, over and over again, even through his spokeswoman, that these views "are the views and values of the great majority of Americans." I have NOT seen ANY survey results that have shown that less than 50% of Americans are homophobic. I haven't seen one of less than 60%, in fact. Apparently, he thinks that 40% is a majority. Maybe in Lott's district, there is a majority. Probably in Armey's district, too. And Gingrich's. But not overall, in the big picture. I guess these guys have never heard of the Northeast. Or California. Or the upper Midwest, a place that you would EXPECT to be homophobic, but instead isn't. It's entirely the south. And I don't think I ever want to set foot South of the Mason-Dixon Line again. Except maybe Florida...

Which brings me to the whole Pat Robertson thing. I laughed hysterically at his remarks. To refresh your memory, he said that Orlando is going to be bombarded with hurricanes and earthquakes because they let Disney hold "gay days" there. Well, here are three things, Mr. Robertson:

1) Disney has been holding this rally for the past four years, and I haven't seen anything happen to Orlando before.

2) The odds of a 6.9 earthquake striking New York City are higher than even the slightest shift of land in Florida. Oh, wait... I guess he thinks GOD can change that.

3) Rallies like this are called Pride Parades. Ever heard of them? They're ALL OVER THE PLACE. New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, St. Louis... hell, even cities like Boise and Cheyenne have these things. So, I guess the whole country is supposed to be bombarded like this?

Apparently, Mr. Robertson just has something against Orlando. The scary thing about this is that I can guarantee you that some Christian right-wing extremists from Orlando moved inland. They listen to him as though HE'S a God. Give me a break. Somebody has to slap some sense into these gullible, pathetic people who can't think for themselves.

Well, it's summer now. I still haven't gotten used to being out of school yet. But I have to start making summer plans. The last day of school, when I went in, I was saying to myself, "woohoo! summer's coming! no more school! no more homophobes! I can be myself for three months!" I was REALLY looking forward to it. So, I get home, sit down for five minutes, and think to myself, "okay, what now? school's out. NOW what do I do?" Yeah, you can be sure that I'm going to have a very productive summer. I've been going job hunting lately, but I haven't gotten very far. Nobody has called me back, and I applied about a week and a half ago. Looks like I'm going to have to look at some other places now. I'm already sick of the job hunt. I can't work at places I'd LIKE to work... mainly because I'm still only 16, and I'm "only a high school student." I'm tired of this. I want to do something productive this summer.

I'd like to go to the gay youth group in Providence, but I'm really uneasy about things like that... mainly because I WANT to meet new people, but I don't know what these people are like. I know someone that knows someone that goes, but that's the best I can do, so I get second-rate information about this place. Hopefully, I WILL go between now and when I write my next column, so I'll share my experiences in this column next time around.

Finally, I'd also like to announce the brand new [drumroll, fanfare, etc.] CRAZY LIFE. My web page moved and I added some extra stuff, so if you want to check it out, feel free to stop by, e-mail me, try out the 20 questions (PLEASE!), and listen to my piano pieces that I've composed. That's how I've spent my summer so far. I'm sure you're extra excited about this.

Have a great summer, everyone.

Chris O'Leary
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