Letter from the Editor

July 1998

I'm prided out. This year, I went a tad overboard, attending 21 programs at the San Francisco 22nd International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, some incredible movies, which we'll be mentioning in Oasis when they eventually get released on a larger scale. I also saw the Smashing Pumpkins this week, and only managed to be one day late getting Oasis online. So, that's pretty good.

The main news this month is that I didn't have to go testify in New Mexico, as the state stipulated to whatever portion the ACLU needed from my testimony. And there is now a preliminary injunction against the state of New Mexico from prosecuting anyone under their unconstitutional law, which would have gone into effect this month.

It's been a busy month for the Republicans, apparently heat brings the hate out. Check out the news section this month, and nearly everything is about the GOP.

My main focus is still Oasis 3.0. Oasis is overdue for a facelift, and this fall we will see a lot of new features when we do the redesign. So, my main interest is making sure this process does not exist in a vacuum. So, please e-mail redesign@oasismag.com with any feedback you have about what we can do to make Oasis a better experience. Also, do you read the news, the cover stories, the profiles. What do you like, dislike, hate, love.

At present, the plan is to add personalization features and make the site automated and updated so you can view it on a daily basis and continue to see fresh content. So, don't be shy, this is your magazine, let me know what you want to see in your magazine's future.



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