!OutProud! to host Weekly chat show every Thursday

!OutProud! will host a weekly chat show for gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth in the Gay/Les/Bi chat area of The Student Center. OutProud's Gay/Les/Bi Chat show will be every Thursday night at 10:00pm Eastern time and debuted on June 11. We invite everybody to attend and we hope that your organization will add a link from your site. The URL is http://studentcenter.infomall.org/glb.html The chatroom is open for you to use 24/7, but the hosted !OutProud! show will just be on Thursday evenings.

The Student Center is a leading web community for college students, high school students, and teens. They have just created a section for gay, lesbian, and bisexual students at http://studentcenter.infomall.org/glb.html It includes live chat, an online BBS, a Cyberpals personals forum to meet other students, free web based email for life for students to keep private email accounts, and links to valuable resources such as OutProud.

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