Gay Latino Web site seeks contributors

Here's your chance to volunteer to an exciting new, bilingual, gay website.

Soon to be launched, this gay-Latino website will present informative news, explore personal and public issues, promote affirmative values, and entertain our lives. It will be HOT! But to pull it all together, the site creators are seeking CONTRIBUTORS who want to share their talent and time to this important addition to the gay community.

As an online information and entertainment 'centro' for gay Latinos, we are now accepting short fiction and poetry submissions for publication on our website. We are looking for work that explores the gay multicultural/Latino experience, but will include a diverse range of interesting topics. We plan to publish short stories, erotic fiction, poetry, news reports, author interviews, cultural reviews, photography and artwork.

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS, ARTISTS, TRANSLATORS and COLUMNISTS are invited to discuss your participation. If you have an interest or idea, contact us: mailto:john.stag@usa.net.

You have permission to post and distribute this notice to friends and contacts, and media are welcome to publish this information.

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