Millennium March To Mobilize & Energize GLBT Organizations


The Millennium March on Washington provides an opportunity to carry our powerful GLBT message to the greater society -- and it also provides an unparalleled opportunity for every GLBT group to realize lasting organizational benefits.

As an organization which has served on every Executive Committee of every March on Washington ever held, UFMCC has observed this to be true in every previous March on Washington, and is convinced it will be equally true in 2000.

The Marches on Washington have consistenly offered these unique benefits to every participating organization:

1. The opportunity to mobilize and inspire your constituents.

2. The opportunity to raise your organization's visbility and to generate media coverage and public relations benefits for your organization.

3. The opportunity to share your organization's unique mission and services with the entire GLBT community.

4. The opportunity to attract new members and supporters to your cause.

5. The opportunity to network with other GLBT organizations.

By way of example, the UFMCC has found the Marches provide a stellar opportunity to leverage our participation. Among the ways we have done this: We have held worship services at the Lincoln Memorial at each of the Marches... We conducted the largest mass same-sex wedding ever held... We have promoted UFMCC's participation through our internal communications to inspire and mobilize our members... We have leveraged our participation in the Marches to build strategic alliances with other organizations.

Every organization will have unique opportunities to present their vital work to the entire GLBT community. There will be unparalleled opportunities for both national and international press coverage. Numerous venues will be available for hosting organizational events. And many organizations will be holding fundraising events, distributing membership information, etc.

I encourage the broadest possible representation in the Millennium March and encourage all organizations to leverage their participation. Such creative leveraging will have positive, lasting effects... will draw new members and supporters to all of the participating organizations... will serve to strengthen various groups... and will energize our entire movement.

For details on how your organization can become an official endorser of the Millennium March on Washington, send an e-mail inquiry to MMOW2000@aol.com. Endorsement forms and March information will be forwarded to you promptly.

/signed/ Troy D. Perry
Moderator of UFMCC
Email: info@ufmcchq.com
Website: http://www.ufmcc.com

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