Entering The Light

By Jason Lyons

A dream withheld
A dream forgotten
Closing ourselves up
In an iron casket
With no silk lining
No padding
But our empty scared souls
So much easier
Staring at the lid of my casket
So much easier
To be dead among the living
Your soul I have seen
All silvery and glowing
Iridescent in the night sky
You who may be
My Saviour
Who definitely is
My Lover
I want you
I need you
Please one day
Become one with me
I hear you calling me
For this casket is shrinking
The undead wants to live
To love
To thrive
I'm alive
Although it's easier
To fight it
To remain undead
Until I see you again
Every time
You open the windows
And leave
The door ajar
Your eyes
Embracing me
Your soul
Making love to me
And mine returning
What it can
You hold on
Never letting go
To have you
In my life
To come back to
The land of the living
To see you
To hold you
To love you
With my very soul
Thank the Goddess
It is still mine
I can almost reach it
There I go
Crying again
Spinning the wheel of healing
It's happening
Crying is breathing
Crying is healing
I don't want to stop
Dust trails
Down my cheeks
My heart and soul
Scream in unison
The pain is so great
My knees buckling
My wrists bleeding
As the cuffs
Of undead and forgotten
Want to be remembered
But remember I will not
I have seen the light
And embraced
A soul of the living
The light is hurting
My eyes
Blood trickles from them
Down my cheeks
I want to give up
For the pain
To give way
My tension lessens
I'm slipping back
And I hear something
Its a scream
Of laughter
I jerk
The tension back into my body
Slamming me into
The slate lid
Of my souls coffin
Not like this
Die again I will not
I thirst to live
Thrusting myself forward
Again the bleeding
And pain
Returns in waves
But I care not
I can hear you now
Calling to me
You are on
The other side
Of the light
I want you
I need you
Like wood for a fire
Like water for a dolphin
And a soul for the morrow
The cuffs finally
Fall free
And mock me
Saying they shall wait
For my return
With my blood on their lining
For a remembrance
My hands
Slam into the lid
As I push
And cry
Broken glass
Appears beneath my hands
Cutting into them
And causing me
To bleed
I care not
For soon the pain
Will be no more
And in your arms
I will be
I feel the slate give
Crumbling in my hands
It's getting into my eyes
I blink rapidly
Trying to clear
My eyes
Of the muck
Created by the mix of blood
And dust
I'm greeted
By a bright light
And the sound
Of your voice
Oh by the Goddess and God
Why did I wait so long
Hold me
Love me
Gently I am yours

©1998 Oasis Magazine. All Rights Reserved.