August 1998

I have been really busy and really lazy these past few months. I have been working all day, from 10 to 6, five days a week. Then when I get home, I sit around and do nothing. This is a great life I have. Well, I have been doing a lot of traveling on the weekends going to visit friends and family in other states. But I guess there has been one thing on my mind recently, and that is the idea of falling in love online.

For years, I swore that I would never tell anyone my real name or where I live. Sure, I had heard about people falling in love, and getting together for a long time. But I thought that it could never happen to me. I have proven myself wrong. I have found a guy on the Internet. I guess I had best explain the whole thing. I have a friend, who writes books, and this friend wrote a book about gay athletes. And I read his book, and I really enjoyed the story about a runner. And I sent my friend an email telling him how much I liked this particular story. And he then sent the email to the guy that the story was about. The next day I got an email from him, and since then we have been writing emails back and forth between each other for about 5 months. There are things that we tell each other, that no one else knows about us. We help each other with our daily problems from whether he should move, if I should ask a guy out, stuff that good friends talk about.

Then one day he said that he wanted to send me some pictures of him, and that he needed my address so that he could send them. And at first I didn't give it to him, because I had told myself that I would never give anyone my address. And he said that he understood. But I think that he was upset too.

So a few months went along, and I wanted to see what he looked like, I was starting to get bored of just seeing him through the letters on the screen. So while he was away, I sent him a letter with my picture. And then the next week I decided to call him on the phone and surprise him. Let's put it this way, at first he couldn't say anything to me, then he thought I was someone else. Finally he started talking to me!

I guess I am trying to get a point across here. And that point is never to rule any way of falling in love out. But that you should be really really care full of who you talk to, and what you tell them. I only told him my address because I knew someone who knew him, and could tell me that he was really a 19 year old guy, and not some 40 year old man just trying to get some. So, please be careful on the Net, because it is very much like the real world, anyone can be anywhere.

Peace, Love and Rock & Roll,

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