August 1998

Avedea3, 18, is a student at the creative arts school in St. Paul, Minnesota

I write in wondering many things, as what will become of me, and what will become of the shitty education that I have received, and others who have been blessed with a great education that haven't taken it past Walgreen's. I do realize that you make the most of yourself, and that you must strive to learn all that you can, to better yourself, and the world around you, but what happens when the real world slaps you in the face, and you wake up?

I think many times over that is an arts school going to get me anywhere that I may need to go, rather than where I want to go? I do realize that many people make great art, and can express their ideas very well, but is that going to pay the bills, and make them happy? A media arts person, like me, isn't going to make it. It's great living it now, making photos that are great to you, and others, and to have some films, but unless you strive for the long shot, you aren't going to make it. I may just be saying that out of the fact that I have no focus on "what I want to be/do".

I do realize this hasn't much of a queer focus, but must it always? I do know that this is a place for many to find out what life is like for others, but I do think that education, and the future in the work force is a major issue. Must we think twice about applying to a place? Or to have the thought of what if? I'm not gonna hurl this long shitty speech about civil rights, because it gets old after you've heard it a few times, and I ramble, so I congratulate you if this sees your eyes.

I would have to say the sum of this huge waste of space is that life is a battle, and should you strive to make the rent, or to make your "soul" a happy being?


avedea3 is attending an arts high school in the horrid state of Minnesota, and loves to get mail about topics such as this, or on the basis of what color your lovely dreaded extensions are. Drop him a line, but if your gonna be coy about it, don't bother, coy is a waste of time.

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