E.J. Chasse

August 1998

A New Hope

Well, I have learned a new lesson on life. College IS a totally different world. Since I have been here at PSU, my life has changed entirely. My first RA turns out to be gay...and now he is my best friend up here. People really don't crucify you if you are gay. It's not the best thing to tell people if you are looking to get into cliques...but for me, I don't need them.

Although I am still alone and I still am having some of the same problems with becoming friends with people that I had back at G-Burg, its not nearly so bad.

Penn State has many resources and I intend to support several of them.

The Power of Media

A new battle has broken out recently. After placing several ads in MAJOR newspapers across the county, five Christian, right-wing groups have Gay Rights activists really angry. Ok, to be blunt, the community in general is pissed. It is one thing to attack Gay and Lesbians in Churches and even interviews, but ADVERTISING it? No. This is bad.

My plea to my generation of Gays Lesbians and Bisexuals is that now is NOT the Time to be OUT and LOUD. That will only cause more problems. NOW is a time to be OUT and DIGIFIED. Do not lie about yourself, but do not announce it. It would have the same affect if a black man walked into a KKK meeting and said "HEY, I'M BLACK...DEAL WITH IT." If you are dignified and strong, more people will support you. We as a community do not realize how many people are indifferent to Gays. Those people could very very easily get turned off by us announcing it to the planetside. However, just as easily, attacks against us could have them feel guilty and supportive. My MESSAGE: Be OUT and DIGIFIED.

I live by the motto "Everyone has the right to find their own path to Hell. I'm Gay. What's YOUR excuse?" Say that to the next radical right-wing Christian and see the shock.

Life Will Get Better

All I have to say is that life, no matter how hard it gets, will get harder before it gets better. Don't give up whoever you are. There is support for you, use it. I don't have a whole lot else to say. Do not let ANYTHING get you down. And please...Unite yourself with other Gay Teens. Strength in Numbers is seriously true.

Peace, Love, Rock and Roll


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